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Our airborne ISR Solutions leverage innovative technologies to provide the most cost-effective multi-sensor platform in the industry.

Sensors / Communications

Cellular Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

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IMSAR NSP 7 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) / SAR Motion Video

Long Range Maritime Surveillance

Coherent Change Detection (Land)


Moving Target Indicator (MTI)

MX-15/ARGOS II Cameras

Megapixel Thermal imager

Multi-spectral HDTV Zoom Camera


Multi-Spectral HDTV Spotter Camera


SWIR Spotter Camera


Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder


Multi-mode auto-tracker


IMU and GPS for GEO-functionality


Real-time, on-board image processing


Image blending/fusion


Haze penetration



Our Platform

Cessna 337 Skymaster

Aircraft Designed to Thrive in the Harshest Environments


Most capable and cost-effective ISR/CAS aircraft with the greatest measure of safety in the Industry


Operationally proven in real world ISR/CAS operations since the Vietnam era and remains in service conducting missions throughout the world today


Modified air intakes produce low IR signature and reduced engine heat


Centerline thrust configuration provides enhanced stability and improved single-engine handling characteristics


High-wing design and absence of wing struts offer enhanced visibility for ISR/CAS missions


Operates from shorter runways and rough airstrips, making it suitable for operations in remote or challenging locations


Easily transported in 40’ Shipping Container to forward operating location


7 Hours of Flight time (Wing Tip Extension, 11 hours)


2 Person Crew (Can Add 3rd Rider)

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