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Our Mission

Airborne ISR Solutions



We strive for excellence and consistently deliver high-quality results.


We are committed to honesty and moral principles in our actions and decisions.


We are dedicated to providing value and support to others while achieving the mission.

We deliver effects-based solutions that equip our partners with essential real-time data for informed decision-making when and where they need it.


Committed to Mission Outcomes

We specialize in effects based airborne surveillance and air-to-ground integration services, focusing on the development and integration of the right solution to meet our customer’s needs. 


Utilizing the latest airborne surveillance advancements, we link assets, personnel, and information across multiple domains in both real-world situations and training scenarios.  We provide advanced air-to-ground capabilities, both day and night, in support of Close Air Support (CAS) and Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC) engagements and training activities to optimize customer performance.

Our diverse team of experienced operators, maintainers, and logisticians are committed to providing turnkey services that deliver affordable real-world support.

Cost Effective Operations

Our innovative business models are more agile, nimble, and forward-thinking. We offer several advantages, fostering efficiency, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. These benefits include:​


A2G will be at...

July 24 – 26

Indian Ocean Defense and Security Conference

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, WA, Australia.

August 13 – 15

GSOF Indo-Pacific Irregular Warfare Symposium

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu Hawaii

September 18 – 22

Africa Aerospace and Defense Expo (AAD 2024)

Africa Aerospace and Defence
Air Force Base Waterkloof

Cost Savings

Reduced Overhead

Smaller Operational Footprint equates to lower costs for Surveillance and Training missions.

Operational Efficiency

Our commitment to streamlined operations leads to more efficient resource utilization, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.

Agility, Flexibility

Rapid Mobilization

We deploy our resources to the most remote locations in the world within days instead of weeks or months.


Our leaner footprint allows us to quickly adapt to changing program requirements.

Risk Mitigation

Financial Resiliency

We limit exposure and risk making our services resilient to economic downturns or unforeseen challenges in our clients' markets.​


It's easier to scale our operations based on customer demand without the burden of larger fixed costs.

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